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For more information go to our FACEBOOK page to see dates and times for the classes. 
Active CORE Strengthening Class: This class is designed for people with back/hip pain or those looking to strengthen their core. We will give you exercises to do to help strengthen the muscles in your core to help better stabilize your spine. 
Run Like A Girl CORE Class: This class is designed for female athletes of all fitness levels. Core, Pelvic Floor and Feet stabililty and strengthening exercises will be demonstrated to create a solid foundation for running and staying injury free. 
Active CORE Bike Class: This class is designed for road or mountain bike enthusiasts. This class will focus on glute/hamstring activation and upper body strengthening. We will also work on the core to ensure a stabile spine during workout. 
Active Prenatal Class: This class is designed for women during all phases of pregnancy. We will focus on stabilizing the core muscles and exercises to help mobilize the pelvis. 
Active Postnatal + Class: This class is for all women that have recently or have ever had a child. We work on healing diastasis recti and also strengthening the pelvic floor. 
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