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Our chiropractic fee schedule reflects our goal to provide the same great service to all of our patients. We require time-of-service payments by all patients and we do not bill insurances. This allows us to provide a flat fee for our services. If your health insurance has chiropractic coverage, we can give you the information that you need to submit the claim and get reimbursed. Insurances have strict guidelines that frequently have a negative impact on care for chiropractic patients. This is unacceptable to us. We strive to provide only the best care for our patients.

  • Chiropractic/NET Adult ​Visit

    • Existing Patient Visit (15 min.)...$45.00 

  • Chiropractic Child Visit

    • Existing Child (0 - 8 yrs) Patient Visit ...$35.00

  • NAET Allergy Elimination

    • Treatment.....$45.00

  • Infrared Sauna - can be added onto any service

    • 30 min Session .....$15.00

    • ​60 min Session......$30.00

    • 1 Month Unlimited.....$100.00

  • Ionic Foot Detox - can be added onto any service

    • 30 min Session......$30.00​

  • Auragen Light Therapy

    • 30 min Session.....$30.00​

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