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Dr. Leslie Jacobi was born and raised in Wisconsin (GO PACKERS!) and lived in the Chicago-land area prior to moving to Tampa. She is an avid long distance runner and indoor cycling enthusiast. Dr. Jacobi knows that physical activity, healthy nutrition, and a firm faith has been key to her healthy lifestyle. 

When Dr. Jacobi was introduced to Applied Kinesiology (AK), her entire perspective of what a Chiropractor can do was turned upside down. AK opened up so many wonderful tools to help patients. She truly loves working on patients who are looking for the root cause of their symptoms. She works on the structure, chemical, and emotional aspects in your life that may be limiting your body's natural ability to heal.

Dr. Jacobi also loves to incorporate functional medicine testing into her approach with her patients. So often, people need more answers than what a simple blood test will show. This is why we offer DUTCH Hormone Testing, Microbiology Stool Testing, Customized Blood Testing at the clinic. 

Dr. Jacobi is a constant learner. She knows the importance of staying up to date with the latest research and new techniques to continue to help her patients. She has been serving the Brandon and surrounding areas since 2015. 

Dr. Jacobi's Certifications:

  • Certified Applied Kinesiologist

  • Webster Technique Certified

  • Certified Neuro Emotional Technique Practitioner

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