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The Magic 24 Hour Fast

This past year has illuminated my mind to the world of fasting. I knew that it had some health benefits, but I was a little scared to fully dive into the fasting pool. I spent a year doing Prolon Fasting Mimicking kits every month. This is a great protocol for those people who really want to try fasting, but their blood sugars and insulin levels are so out of balance that it would be a huge shock to their system to go extended periods of time with zero food. If you fall into that category, Prolon Fasting kits would be the way to go.

If you feel pretty good going at least 14 hours with no food, I would recommend looking into a 24 hour fast. This is a wonderful fast for several reasons.

1) The 24 Hour Fast helps heal your microbiome in your gut.

2) Gets your body into Autophagy = your body can clean up the garbage that's been hanging out in your system

3) Turning into the fat burning system for energy

4) Clearer thinking and better sleep

For those who are dealing with chronic GI issues, this is a go-to fast for that reset. I can't say enough great things about a 24 hour fast. It can be done weekly for most people. Make sure you are hydrating with good quality spring water!

Autophagy is a necessary function of our body that a majority of the population never taps into. So much energy is used to digest food that when there is a constant influx of food, that's literally all the body has energy for. But, if you give your body a break from that job, it can digest cholesterol, misfolded proteins that could turn into cancers, clears the lymphatic system, clears the glymphatic systems, releases stored fat, etc. All these necessary jobs can now be performed by simply fasting!

If you have any questions or could use more resources on how to get started with a 24 hour fast, please email me at

Be blessed,

Dr. Leslie


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